Partner and Alliance Channels that work

“Reflective Solutions engaged Peter to thoroughly review the decision to move to a partner model and make recommendations for change where appropriate. After gaining acceptance by the board, Peter developed a new partner program and went on to sign agreements with some major names within our target market (these included Capgemini and Vetasi). Following a successful launch of the program, within europe, he went on to target and sign agreements with some of the key influential partners in the USA and Canada which resulted in access to both new clients and some significant opportunities for Reflective. By the time that Reflective was acquired by its new owners (late 2014) Peter had expanded the partner network into South America, the Middle-East and India. I would sum Peter up as a credible and professional Partner/Alliance Manager, capable of navigating accounts and developing new relationships from a standing start. In addition to driving business through the partner channel he has a good understanding of both end-user sales and marketing."
Graham Parsons - Reflective Solutions (former CTO)

"Peter has built and maintained some excellent relationships with strategic alliance channel partners across Europe. He is capable of leveraging and driving multi discipline teams across EMEA to achieve goals and is very organized and thorough in his work. He is a pleasure to have on my team."
Lee MacIlwinen - CA Wily Technology Division (former VP and Director Worldwide Channels and Alliances)

"I've had the privilege to hire Peter twice into my teams. The first time in Symantec and then into Mindjet. Although that speaks for itself, I can't emphasize enough how important he was for both companies. With his highly focussed and professional approach combined with a high level of seniority he always exceeded expectations. Strategic skills paired with the ability to execute make him a perfect hire particularly when a company needs to add a trustworthily representation towards their clients."
J├╝rgen Schulze - Symantec (former Director Strategic Alliances EMEA) and Mindjet (former Sales Director EMEA)

"I worked with Peter at Symantec during 2004 - 2005 where he held the position of Strategic Alliances Sales Manager for EMEA. I found Peter to be extremely focussed and driven in aligning Symantec's go to market strategy with some of the largest Systems Integrators in EMEA. Peter assisted me greatly when networking into CSC and helping my team manage the standardisation of Symantec Ghost. I would strongly recommend Peter for his solution selling skills, strategic management and relentless drive. I would very much like to work with Peter again."
David Parkin - Symantec (former Northern Europe Sales Director)